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Somerset West – 021 854 3737
Bellville – 021 934 2929
Brackenfell – 021 982 6006
Tokai – 021 701 1643

How to Prepare for Your New Flooring Installation

Welcoming your flooring installers into you home can seem like a logistical nightmare, but with proper preparation, the process can go smoothly and you will have beautiful new floors in no time!

1. Make sure your pets are in a safe space

One of the main reasons why you need to prepare your home before flooring installation is to ensure the safety of your pets and valuables. Pets can be curious and may sneak in or out if the floor installers leave the gate or a door open.  Make sure you have your pets in a safe location where they are secured and won’t get under anyone’s feet while they are working with their tools.

2. Clear the room

And when we say clear the room of everything, we mean everything. This includes furniture, decor, appliances and curtains. Dust from the flooring installation could get on upholstery and fabric and you want to make your post-installation clean up as easy as possible.

If you are able to, it’s a good idea to close any doors to the room the installation is taking place in to prevent any dust floating through your home or office. Please also make sure that passages and areas where your installers will have to walk through are clear of toys, sports gear, and any other tripping hazards.

3. Prepare an area for the installers to work

Your flooring installers will need to have a safe area to set down their tools, the materials for the installation as well as have place where they can use power tools to cut pieces of flooring to size. Having an area like this pre-prepared will make the job much easier.

With a little preperation your new flooring installation will be a breeze! If you have any other pre-installation questions, simply contact your nearest Flooring Solutions branch and a member of our team will be happy to pop out to your home and assist.

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