About Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a man made product, designed to replicate mainly wooden floors but also other floorcoverings such as stone tiles. Laminate floors are very durable due to the layers of the board being made to be as strong and as dense as possible, so it can perform as a very hardwearing floor.

laminate-flooringHow is laminate flooring made? We are asked this question every day and the answer is one that has remained the same for years. Laminate flooring is a photo! Yes that's correct these boards with their wonderful grain and colour variations are photos. The photo is a high quality photographic image of wood. This is placed onto a HDF core board and is coated with a tough melamine wear layer. It is this wear layer which makes laminate flooring extremely hardwearing and much less liable to scratch than a real wood finish and makes laminate ideal for those with a busy homes and lifestyles.

Laminate flooring is getting more and more realistic every year and sometimes it's hard to tell it apart from realwood flooring even for us so called professionals!

Installation is also easy thanks to the click systems available, the planks just click together with no need for glue, nails etc. Laminate flooring is ideal for use in all rooms of the home or office.

When you choose a laminate floor you need to be aware of the different grades and construction methods available. Laminate is graded from AC1 - AC6 with the latter being ideal for use in very heavy commercial installations.